20th World Press Cycling Championships


There will be 3 races:

1) Friday 27.09: Individual Time Trial
2) Saturday 28.09: Individual Sprint
3) Sunday 29.09: Road Race


M1 men 21-44 years old / 1998 -1975
M2 men 45-59 years old / 1974-1960
M3 men 60+ / 1959 and older
W women

At the end of each race, the first 3 athletes of each category will be awarded. The first athletes will obtain the title of WPCC champion and the WPCC-jersey + gold, silver and bronze medals.


General participation rules

Only road racing bikes as the road race are allowed. Not allowed are time trial bikes as well time trial helmets and handlebar. All bikes will be measured 15′ before the start time.

Can start journalists, reporters, press photographers, tv camera men.

They can be employees or freelance reporters as long as they own a valid press card of a Country, an organization, a company or a medium.

A confirmation from the employer or a print out of an imprint (newspaper, magazine etc.) may be requested.

The races will be held under the UCI regulations. Each rider confirms healthiness and ability to participate in these events. Riders must exhibit a cycling license. Those who do not have a license must have a medical certificate for competitive activities and must have a daily card. It is possible to obtain a medical certificate, upon payment, also on the site.

Participation is free of charge. Foreign competitors without a cycling license will have to pay 10 euros per race to get the daily pass.

Helmet is mandatory.

Each participant who registers before the beginning of the WPCC gets a starter pack.

Late registrations until 20th September 2019.

Mechanical assistance and first aid

Mechanical assistance will be provided during all races. Additionally, the organization will provide a mechanic in the start and feed zones for assistance to the riders.

First Aid groups will be in the feed zones and in some dangerous points there will be first aid members and ambulances.

A first aid area is also going to lie in the start-finish area.


Note: It is advisable that you will indicate your name, your blood type, a telephone of a relative, and any intake of medicine somewhere and address of the hotel.

General rules

The organizing committee of the WPCC 2019 as well all Members of the WPCC-Committee disclaims any responsibility for the participants and their employees, in case of accidents or damage to persons or things, that may occur before, during or after the events and in case riders get involved in quarrelling with third parties.


The organizing committee has the right to exclude riders who misbehave before, during or after the events.

Additionally, nobody has the right to give his numbers or using someone else’s. In this case, he will be disqualified from the rest of the races.

A rider must respect the start-finish area and the course routes, therefore, he must use the waste bins and avoid throwing rubbish in the course routes.

Riders who do not show respect, will be disqualified.

Please try to help the organization and respect the procedure.

Regulation Changes

The Organization reserves the right to change the above rules, including the routes, due to technical or safety reasons.

For matters that do not appear in these regulations, will be respected the rules of the Italian Cycling Federation and the UCI rules.


The participant registering with the official enrollment form confirms that s/he has read and agreed with the present regulation and give the consensus for the use of photos or videos in which she/he may appear.

Want to join to WPCC 2019?

Patrocinio Regione Veneto
Patrocinio Città di Treviso