WPCC 2019

World Press Cycling Championship

The 20th edition of the World Press Cycling Championship will take place in Veneto, through scenery that has become the symbol of the Italian cycling tradition.

A truly memorable experience, bringing together sport, history, art and good food.

From 26 to 29 September 2019, Treviso will become the host of the World Championship. It will welcome press, television and Internet journalists, as well as photographers and cameramen from all over the world, for a truly memorable week that will culminate in the line race starting and arriving at Valdobbiadene.

Registration closing: 20th September 2019

Previous editions

History, participants, numbers.

A first European Press Championship was originally launched at the end of the sixties in Mariano Comense. A few years later, an attempt was made to also launch a World Press Championship in the Abruzzi region. Neither events were particularly successful and the last international competition for journalists took place in 1982. Almost twenty years later, AIJC (Association Internationale des Journalistes du Cyclisme) organised a new World Championship for journalists in Les Herbieres, France. The idea was well received, and the event grew year after year, both in number of participants (the highest attendance of 160 was reached in 2015 in Oudenaarde, Belgium), and in the number of countries represented (during the years, journalists from 22 countries worldwide have taken part in the competition). So far, the Championship has taken place in ten different countries, four times in Austria, Belgium and Italy (including this edition in Veneto), twice in France and Greece, once in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, San Marino and Slovenia. In 2015, the competition took place in two different countries: Italy for the sprint trial and Belgium for the road race and the time trial.
The first editions only consisted of the road race. The time trial was first introduced in Deutschlandberg, Austria, in 2006, and the sprint trial in Gabicce, Italy, in 2011. Team competitions also took place during some editions. The nineteen championships organised so far have awarded a total of 152 world champion jerseys, and medals to a total of seventeen different countries.

List of previous events (year-country-city) and hall of fame in the tables below.

Patrocinio Regione Veneto
Patrocinio Città di Treviso