A job with Eurosport that keeps her busy all day… but whenever she can, she gets straight on the saddle. The “bicycle” is a constant in the life of the Jeanine Laudy, thirty-one years old from the Netherlands and Belgium 2018 World Press Cycling Championship World Champion.

When she started cycling at 23 she was totally inexperienced. But thanks to her trainer and her profession, now she sometimes even trains with professional athletes. Jeanine Laudy, 31 years old, lives in Holland and due to her profession – a contract with Eurosport and freelance work for UCI Women’s WorldTour and NTFU – she can easily bring together her passion and her work. A passion that during the years has given her many satisfactions and medals, like the two gold of last year in the road race and the time trial of the World Press Cycling Championship in Roeselare, or the two silver medals of the 2015 World Press Cycling Championship in Oudenaarde. But cycling can bring the utmost satisfactions and unique moments irrespective of the end result. And this is why “one of my best achievements on the saddle of my bicycle,” says Jeanine, “was being able to complete such an important national race as Parel van de Veluwe in 2016.” And the worst memories? Certainly a training session with her team mates shortly after starting cycling, when what was supposed to be a two-hour session turned into more than four hours in the cold and rain. The result was a week in bed!

But behind each and every success there is always a lot of work, dedication, perseverance and commitment. And the life of Jeanine fully reflects that: during the week her days start at 6:30 in the morning – to give her enough time to get to work at the Discovery Networks offices In Amsterdam, or the Eurosport studio in Hilversum -, and end with training, outdoor or on rollers, depending on the season.

She has five best adventure companions: “one for road races, one for time races, one for the track, one for cyclocross, and a Kuota that I use during training, always my favourite and with perfect geometry,” says Jeanine, “although the best bicycle that I have tried so far is the Scott 2018 Foil 10 Disc Dura Ace Di2.

Jeanine is one of those people who live their passion for cycling in a primitive manner: no counting kilometres, but rather aiming at quality training, always striving for the best. And it is therefore not by chance that “as far as the cycling world, one of the athletes that always excite me the most,” says Jeanine, “is Anna van der Breggen, a very strong individual, but at the same time easy going and calm”.

But the bicycle is not Jeanine’s only passion: she also makes time for her husband, to go to the theatre and to concerts; and she loves reading, especially by the pool or on the beach.

And as far as the twentieth edition of the World Press Cycling Championship that will take place in Veneto in September? “I have personally never been to Treviso, Venice or Verona,” she says, “but I have visited the Veneto region and I know that it is extremely beautiful. I hope to be able to take part in the competitions. There certainly won’t be any lack of supporters.” (note: when we asked Jeanine the first thing that came to her mind when she thought about Italy, she said “Supporters”).

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