As a young man, he loved playing football and tennis. When he developed a knee problem, he was no longer able to run so instead he took up cycling, a sport to which he eventually became addicted.

Today Hans-Jürgen Bazan, winner in the M3 category of the time trial of the 2018 World Press Cycling Championship, is now in his seventies but continues to cycle and get involved.

It is known that life is unpredictable and can take sudden and unexpected turns. And so it was that a football and tennis enthusiast who dreamed of being an archaeologist at a young age, found himself unable to run and jump after three knee operations. It could have been devastating. But not for Hans-Jürgen Bazan, who found a new dimension to the bicycle as both a therapy and a means of relief. What could have been a setback evolved into an irresistible passion. It is precisely this that drives Hans today to get involved and compete at the upcoming German championships in Niedersachsen in May, with a chance to then win the rainbow jersey in the twentieth edition of WPCC, the World Press Cycling Championships to be held in Veneto in September 2019 and that last year, in Roeselare, saw him triumph in the M3 time trial. He is doing all this, even though he blew out 70 candles last year.

“Since I retired I have more free time to spend on the saddle,” said Hans-Jürgen. “I cover about 6,000 kilometres a year and my speciality is time trials. However, my favourite bike remains the mountain bike, while the most beautiful vehicle I’ve ever put to the test is the Cannondale SystemSix.”

He leads a quiet life with his wife and little dog, and he enjoys travelling, the great outdoors, fine wine, reading, movies, good food, and cars, as well as of course cycling. It therefore comes as no surprise that a famous person he would gladly invite to dinner is Sebastian Vettel.

“What do I want for the next few years? Plenty of health, strength of will and optimism,” said Hans-Jürgen. “Which is precisely what I will need to take part, for the fifth time, in the World Press Cycling Championships being held in Italy this September, so I will have an opportunity to visit that country”.

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